Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Service & Repairs in Park City

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Along with our hot tubs for sale, High Country Pools and Spas also services and repairs pools, hot tubs, and saunas. We are Utah’s premier hot tub service and repair company based in Summit County near Park City, UT. Whether you need to replace a spa heater or fix a leak, we’re the professionals to call for fast and friendly service.

When it comes to pool and hot tub repairs, we put our customers first. We have years of experience finding and fixing a variety of problems, always offering you the most cost-effective solution. Get in touch with us to resolve any issues with hot tubs and spas quickly!

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Pool Services

When it comes to servicing your pool, you want to make sure you’re letting the professionals take care of everything. Taking care of a pool can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why at High Country Pools and Spas, we provide a variety of different pool services to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to clean your pool, prevent algae, or have your water balanced, we do it all. Hire us the next time you need pool maintenance or repairs.

Here’s a full list of all of the pool services we offer to our customers:

  • Water Balancing
  • Sweep and Vacuum
  • Filter Cleaning 
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Equipment Maintenance 
  • Algae Prevention 
  • Chemical Delivery 
  • On-Call Service

In addition to our regular pool services, we also offer commercial pool services, maintenance, and repair. Whether you have an issue with your residential or commercial pool, we’re the perfect company for the job.

Spa Repairs & Services

In addition to our pool services, we can also repair and offer maintenance services for your spa. Our professionals are equipped for a number of different spa services. Whether you need to have your filter cleaned, have regular maintenance performed, or have special parts, such as the heater, light, or jet, replaced, we can get the job done. Trust us the next time you need your spa serviced.

Here’s a list of other services we can offer for your spa:

  • Water balancing
  • Filter cleaning 
  • Net and vacuum
  • Hot Tub Cleaning and Draining
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Heater, Light, Jet, and Pump Replacements
  • Hot Tub Remote and Control Panel Repairs
  • Cover Maintenance
  • On-Call Service

Hot Tub Repair Service Areas

At High Country Pools and Spas, we work with hot tubs as well. Whether you need your hot tub clean, or an important part has broken, call the experts in Park City to get the job done. Our professionals are skilled when it comes to hot tub repair, and we can get your hot tub in tip-top shape in no time.

We proudly provide hot tub repairs and service for commercial and residential properties in:

  • Park City, UT
  • Heber, UT
  • Midway, UT
  • Other locations throughout Summit County
  • Other locations throughout Wasatch County

Hire High Country Pools and Spas for Your Park City Maintenance & Repair

The next time you need your pool, spa, or hot tub serviced, be sure to hire the best in Park City, Utah. At High Country Pools and Spas, we offer nothing short of high-quality service and excellent customer service. You can always trust our experts to be friendly and to make the necessary repairs in a timely manner. When you need servicing for your spa, pool, or hot tub, contact us today to schedule a time for us to come out to your property.