Hot Tub Maintenance in Park City, UT and Surrounding Areas

To keep your hot tub and spa in pristine condition, schedule regular hot tub maintenance with the experts at High Country Pools and Spas. We offer one-time, weekly, and monthly hot tub maintenance services in and around Park City, UT.

High Country Pools and Spas is here to make sure that your spa remains in good shape so that you, your family, and other visitors can enjoy it for years to come. Dirt, hair, and other debris quickly build up clogging filters and drains without any hot tub maintenance. Left alone, this debris may damage your spa and lead to expensive repairs or part replacements. Other common issues that our hot tub maintenance can prevent are mold growth inside spa covers, grime buildup, and premature replacements for pumps, jets, and other spa parts.

Spa Maintenance Services

  • Hot Tub Cleaning and Draining
  • Net and Vacuum
  • Filter Replacements
  • Equipment Inspections and Repairs
  • Leak and Components Inspection
  • Chemical Delivery and Water Balancing
  • Cover Mold Prevention

Hot Tub Maintenance Service Areas

We proudly provide hot tub and spa maintenance for commercial and residential properties in: 

  • Park City, UT
  • Heber, UT
  • Midway, UT
  • Other locations throughout Summit County
  • Other locations throughout Wasatch County

Let High Country Pools and Spas look after your indoor or outdoor hot tub! Schedule your one-time, weekly, or monthly hot tub maintenance today. A member of our staff will respond shortly to arrange your next appointment!