Chemical Treatments for Pools and Spas

With a pool, spa, hot tub, or sauna, you'll have the perfect getaway for your home. You can enjoy these features with friends and family, or just by yourself! Along with residential pools and spas, commercial businesses can benefit from adding these amenities and attracting more customers. Whether you're a hotel, fitness center, or any other commercial business, a hot tub, pool, or sauna is a big draw to potential clients.

When you need pool and spa services, High Country Pools and Spas is here to assist you with it all. We provide complete services for your hot tub, pool, or sauna, whether you want residential or commercial options. We service both Summit and Wasatch Counties, including Park City and Heber.

When you need experienced pool and spa maintenance, installation, or rental options, you can count on us. We want to make things simple for you with affordable prices and a focus on customer service. Along with our many services, we also offer chemicals for pool and spa treatments that you can purchase directly from us. Learn more here or contact us today.

Why Does My Pool or Hot Tub Need Spa Treatments and Chemicals?

When you have a hot tub or pool, taking care of the water is vital. While this can be the most complicated part of owning a hot tub or pool, it's very important to ensure the water is balanced and sanitary.

Sure, you may sometimes go swimming in lakes or oceans, so why is it essential to treat hot tubs and pools with chemicals? The answer is all about ensuring your water feature is clean and that your hot tub or pool lasts for years. After all, just think about how dirty lake water can get!

With unsanitized water, anyone who uses the hot tub or pool could be exposed to various illnesses and germs. Using chlorine or other sanitizing options ensures the water is cleaner for everyone in the water.

What About Chemicals to Balance the Water?

Along with chlorine to sanitize the water and make it safer, hot tubs and pools also need additional chemicals to keep the water balanced. You don't want to add too many chemicals. Instead, it's about the right balance to keep the water clean, clear, and comfortable.

While keeping your hot tub or pool correctly balanced takes some research, you can make it easy by hiring High Country Pools and Spas to maintain the water for you.

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