Pool Maintenance in Park City, UT and Surrounding Areas

Dirty water, clogged filters, unbalanced pH levels, algae growth—without frequent maintenance, these and other issues will probably make you not want to spend time in your private pool. Over time, the small issues will only cause larger (and more expensive) problems, shortening the longevity of your investment. That is, unless you begin regular pool maintenance! 

High Country Pools and Spas is here to help you enjoy your pool to its fullest with one-time, weekly, and monthly pool maintenance services. Call us to clean out your pool, rebalance chemicals, inspect parts, and keep your pool in its best condition. Our pool cleaners and maintenance staff are based near Park City, UT. We offer quick and affordable pool service from certified experts. 

We provide pool maintenance services for mountain residences, vacation homes, and commercial properties in Park City, Heber City, Midway, and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today to book:

Pool Maintenance Services

Pool Cleaning

An essential part of pool ownership is keeping it clean. Our pool maintenance technicians are experienced in providing tile cleaning to remove calcium deposits and other buildup, acid washing to remove stains, and other methods of pool cleaning. We’re able to thoroughly clean pools made of vinyl, concrete, fiberglass, and other materials so you always have a clean, hygienic, and fresh environment to swim in.

Sweep and Vacuum

It’s virtually impossible to keep unwanted debris such as leaves, twigs, insects, and other items from ending up in your pool eventually. Similarly, over time dirt and dust will also find its way into your pool and settle along the bottom. Sweeping and vacuuming your pool or spa will keep it completely clean and fresh for your next dip.

Filter Replacements

Your pool’s filter is absolutely necessary in order to keep your swimming pool clear, clean, and safe to enjoy. Having polluted or contaminated water in your pool can make it unpleasant and unsafe to swim in, and can also place unnecessary stress and pressure on other components in your pool system. Our pool maintenance services include frequent filter cleanings and replacements.

Equipment Inspections and Repairs

It takes a lot of technological equipment to keep a pool running efficiently. The list may include pump systems, monitoring and controls devices, valves, lighting, and more. Our pool inspections include a thorough overview of all your pool’s equipment and accessories to catch any small issues in need of attention and make sure things are in working order.

Chemical Delivery and Water Balancing

Ensuring that the chemical makeup of the water in your pool is properly balanced is essential in order to have a safe swimming or soaking environment. Our professional tool technicians can test your pool water for correct levels of pH, chlorine, alkalinity, salt (if applicable), and other factors. If anything looks out of balance, we can treat your pool with the necessary chemicals to restore proper levels.

Algae Prevention

Have you ever noticed that the water in your pool is starting to develop a greenish tinge? If so, that’s a sign that algae has begun growing in the pool. To keep your pool clean, hygienic, and that beautiful blue color it’s meant to be, it’s important to take action against the development of bacteria and algae. Our professional cleaning and chemical treatment techniques can make your pool crystal-clear and clean again.

Pool Maintenance Service Areas

Call High Country Pools and Spas for commercial and residential pool maintenance in: 

  • Park City, UT
  • Heber, UT
  • Midway, UT
  • Other locations throughout Summit County
  • Other locations throughout Wasatch County

When it comes to taking the best care of your pool, High Country Pools and Spas are the experts to contact for reliable maintenance at a great price! Schedule pool cleaning and maintenance services with us today. We will respond shortly to make arrangements at your earliest convenience.