Durasport Spas

ENGINEERED FOR LIFE ADVANCED ENGINEERING. SUPERIOR MANUFACTURING. Our Durasport Spas are manufactured with a highly advanced, technically proficient process called rotational molding, or roto-molding. It’s a process that virtually eliminates the stresses that would normally be locked into the final product, meaning our Durasport Spas are protected from cracking, fading, rotting, rusting, or tearing. Our roto-molding manufacturing process also produces a virtually indestructible cabinet that’s able to withstand what would normally be devastating impacts. The roto-molding manufacturing process entails starting with a two-part mold that’s filled with a high-impact resistant powder plastic resin. The mold is mounted to a roto-molding machine that heats the plastic resin as it rotates on horizontal and vertical axes. The plastic resin is heated to a liquid form that flows and sticks to the walls of the mold. Thanks to our intelligent software, the melted resin is distributed evenly to ensure a strong, uniform product. Once cooled, the mold is opened to reveal a ruggedly sleek, uni-body spa. Best of all, a Durasport Spa retains its showroom allure for years to come. We’re so confident in its quality that we back it with the spa industry’s first LIFETIME WARRANTY!








 SIMPLY BETTER… FROM TOP TO BOTTOM THE DURASPORT® SPAS ADVANTAGE Innovation and Features Dura-Shield HardCover with Lift Assist on our G-2 

models offers a lifetime of protection and insulation… it’s the only cover you’ll ever need! Quality components and efficient, high-output pumps Generous jet count and LED lighting Multi-level ergonomic seating Strength and Durability • Full pedestal base for minimal site preparation True unibody construction Lifetime shell warranty Portability Easy delivery and setup Easy Plug & Play options Models available in 120/240V operation for out-of-the-box Plug & Play convenience, or 240V operation for energy efficiency Hybrid Synergy Heating System™ Two heat sources run at the cost of one! Less electrical consumption means reduced operating costs. Only 120V/240V spa that can heat on both high & low speeds.

  • Reduced electrical consumption with efficient pumps, heating.
  • Use less volume of water
  • High-density, closed-cell insulation combined with a quality insulated cover ensure maximum heat retention and lower operating costs.
  • NO use of fiberglass
  • Fewer chemicals required with our effective filtration system and ozone system.
  • Durasport Spas are 100% recyclable.
  • Eco-Friendly factory utilizing carbon-offsetting practices.
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SEAT CAPACITY 5-6 lounger; 6-7 non-lounger 5-6 lounger; 6-7 non-lounger 4-5 non-lounger 3-4 with lounger
DIMENSIONS 74.5×74.5×32”/ 189x189x81cm 74.5×74.5×32”/ 189x189x81cm 75x75x32”/ 190x190x81cm 71×61.5×29.5” / 180x156x75cm
Spa/hardcover max 82x86x39”/ 208x218x99cm
AVERAGE SPA VOLUME 300 USG/1135L 300 USG/1135L 250 USG / 946L 200 USG / 757L
DRY WEIGHT 425 lbs./193kg 600 lbs./ 272kg 400bs./181kg 260 lbs. / 118kg
TOTAL FILLED WEIGHT 2933 lbs./1330kg 3108 lbs./1410kg 2490 lbs./1129kg 1892 lbs. / 858kg
PUMP 1 2.0 BHP N.Amer/ 2.5 HP Euro 5.0 BHP N.Amer/ 2.5 HP Euro 2.0 BHP N.Amer/ 2.5 HP Euro 2.0 BHP N.Amer/ 2.5 HP Euro
WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM ozone ozone ozone-ready ozone
FILTRATION pleated cartridge/50 sq.ft. pleated cartridge/50 sq.ft. pleated cartridge/20 sq.ft. pleated cartridge/20 sq.ft.
ELECTRICAL NORTH AMERICA 120/240V/60HZ 240V/60HZ 120/240V/60HZ 120/240V/60HZ
CABINETRY Millstone/Espresso, Gray Granite/Black, Cobblestone/Portobello Millstone/Espresso, Gray Granite/Black, Cobblestone/Portobello Millstone, Gray Granite, Cobblestone Espresso Wrap with Millstone, Gray Granite or Cobblestone
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