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Why Install a Sauna? The Benefits Behind a Health Mate Sauna

Enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your own home. High Country Spas are infrared sauna dealers in Heber Valley for one of the leading names in the industry, Health Mate. Their patented technology offers safe, low EMF and toxic-free heating that helps to:

Alleviate Stress and Pain

Heat therapy has been an advantageous treatment for many health conditions. It provides relief from arthritis, joint pain, sore muscles, sports injuries, chronic fatigue, poor blood circulation, and other forms of chronic pain. Daily sauna use brings long-lasting relief that people with chronic pain may not have thought possible.

Release Toxins

As your body’s temperature rises, you begin to sweat out toxins that may weaken your immune system and be detrimental to your health. Detox unhealthy substances from your body with an in-home sauna to strengthen immune systems and enjoy healthier living.

Lose Weight

Just like heat therapy releases toxins through sweat, so can it burn fat calories similar to cardiovascular exercise. As a result, your body begins to feel more energized and you can meet your weight goal in a healthy, natural way.

Reduce Tension and Relax Your Body

Daily life can take its toll on our bodies. Everyday stresses gradually cause our muscles to tense up and our bodies to wear down. Like all of our products at High Country Spas, Health Mate saunas are designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. Sit or lay down and feel your muscles relaxing as blood begins to circulate more freely, providing you with a calming way to unwind at the end of the day.

If any of these benefits are what you’ve been looking for, buy an infrared sauna for your home today! We offer fast, free delivery across the country and convenient installations near our home base in Heber City, Midway, and Park City, UT.

Browse our affordable saunas below, with a wide range of options to fit all budgets. Choose sustainable and stylish cedarwood saunas with features such as built-in Bluetooth speakers, magazine holders, towel bars, and ergonomic benches.

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